WBS United — Blumenstadt United

WBS United — Blumenstadt United

2 - 9




In a highly anticipated team match, WBS United faced off against the formidable opponents, Blumenstadt United. Despite a valiant effort, WBS United experienced a challenging game and ultimately lost with a scoreline of 9-2.

Blumenstadt United showcased their strength and skill throughout the match, proving to be a tough opponent for WBS United. The match started off with both teams displaying determination and tactical prowess, engaging in intense battles for ball possession and control.

Unfortunately, WBS United faced a significant setback as they had no substitutes available for the match. This lack of depth in their lineup made it difficult to maintain the required level of intensity and stamina against a strong opponent like Blumenstadt United. As the game progressed, fatigue started to affect the WBS United players, and their ability to keep up with Blumenstadt’s relentless attacks began to wane.

Blumenstadt United capitalized on their advantage, utilizing their superior depth and quality to maintain a high tempo and apply consistent pressure on WBS United’s defense. With a relentless offensive approach, Blumenstadt United managed to break through WBS United’s defense multiple times, resulting in an overwhelming scoreline in their favor.

Although the final result may not reflect it, WBS United demonstrated resilience and determination throughout the match. Despite the absence of substitutes, they continued to fight and showcased moments of brilliance. The team displayed their technical skills, creativity, and teamwork to score two goals against a strong opponent.

While WBS United fell short in this particular match, they can take away valuable lessons from the experience. The lack of substitutes highlighted the importance of squad depth and the need for contingency plans in such high-stakes encounters. The team can use this game as a motivation to further strengthen their squad and work on improving their overall performance.

Despite the defeat, WBS United remains committed to their goal of achieving success. They will regroup, learn from their mistakes, and continue to work tirelessly in their pursuit of victory in future matches.




Spielbericht Blumenstadt United:
Endlich wieder 3 Punkte eingefahren mit einem 9:2 Erfolg gegen WBS United.
Durchwachsene Leistung mit sehr vielen leichtsinnig vergebenen Chancen. Durch inkonsequente Defensivarbeit der gesamten Mannschaft zwei unnötige Gegentore gefressen. Am Ende zählen die drei Punkte, doch in den nächsten Spielen muss eine enorme Leistungssteigerung erfolgen

Start Start 2 6 7 9 13 15 17 18 35 43 44 Ende

Blumenstadt United

Timo Brandes Allrounder
Jonas Pflum Abwehr
Muhannad Alrafai Mittelfeld
Robert Fritzsch Abwehr
Issa Saeed Mittelfeld
Kevin Heil Mittelfeld
Patrice Müller Tor
Nils Leonoff Abwehr
Zakreya Abushrmet Mittelfeld 2', 6', 9', 15', 43'
Munib Hsena Mittelfeld 35'
Ahmad Jabra Abwehr
Patricio Novoa Mittelfeld 13', 17', 44'
Dipa Pratama Mittelfeld
Martin Römer Mittelfeld
Mats-Erik Magnus Abwehr
Ayham Mubaidh Tor
Gelbe Karten
Gelb-Rote Karten
Rote Karten