Biermingham City — Spirit and Friends

Biermingham City — Spirit and Friends

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  1. Spieltag/I – 20 Uhr – Biermingham City gegen Spirt and Friends

Zum ersten Spieltag der Sommersaison 2019 empfingen die Neulinge von Biermingham City die erfahrenen Urgesteine von Spirit and Friends. Bei besten äußeren Bedingungen begann die Begegnung erstmal mit dem Abtasten der Gegner. Keiner wusste vorher so recht, wie man den Gegenüber einschätzen soll. Für Biermingham City war es die allererste Begegnung überhaupt, da man sich erst wenige Tage zuvor formiert hatte.
Daher war die Taktik der Gastgeber wenig verwunderlich, sich defensiv erstmal aufzustellen. Dies klappte auch ganz gut und man konnte einige Chancen der Friends abwehren, nicht allein wegen des bärenstarken Torhüters der Bierminghamer Jonas Thüne.
Nichtsdestotrotz kam es dann aber doch zum 0:1, als der Biermingham Keeper den Ball eigentlich unter Kontrolle und die Hand auch auf dem Ball hatte. Der Schiedsrichter war wohl der allgemeinen Spielregeln des deutschen Fußball-Bundes, kurz DFB, nicht mächtig und gab das Tor, weil einer der SaF’s den Ball ins Tor spitzelte. Auch der lautstarke Protest konnte den Schiedsrichter nicht von seiner Fehlentscheidung abhalten und das Spiel wurde am Mittelpunkt wieder aufgenommen.
In der Folge erspielten sich die SaF’s viele sehenswerte Chancen und so war das 0:2 dann auch irgendwann überfällig.
Mehr oder weniger überraschend konnte das Team von Biermingham City den 1:2 Anschlusstreffer erzielen. Jan Erik Meyk Janson drosch das Leder in die Maschen.
In der Folge nahm die Partie nochmal an Fahrt auf und das Ergebnis war völlig offen. Die gastgebende Mannschaft gewann etwas an Überhand und drängte SaF in die eigene Hälfte. Bis ein Konter das 1:3 für die Jungs von Spirit and Friends in der letzten Spielsekunde das Endergebnis markierte.

Bericht Spirit and Friends

I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night…
Spirit and Friends returned to Hochschulliga action fit and full of confidence. Following on from a sensational end to the winter semester campaign where we went on a 45 game unbeaten run in the league and in all cups and were the form-team in the competition, we played some beautiful football to win the openoing match of the new season 3-1 on a cool Thursday eveing in E-town. It was thanks to a grand team performance and the mergence of a real hero.
Spirit and Friends underwent a rigrous off season. Coach Meyers individualized the strength and conditioning programme and brought in 3 specialists to help engineer a title challenge that all fans around the world and even in Neudietendorf have been waiting for. The Italian strength and conditioningguru Carlo was brought in with the aim of bulking up the team. “Stay strong! Live Strong! Play Strong!” is Carlo’s motto. An intensive training camp in Sicily with his fitness family included a special diet regime implemented under the strict and loving control of Carlo’s mama. Food was served on the sofa as the lads watched catenaccio videos of  Franco Beresi’s AC Milan team on VHS recorder with Carlo’s dad. A strict after dinner Ramazotti session was an integral part of the training (Molto Belisimmo!)
The hiring of the American throw-in expert and CIA undercover operative known only to us by his code-name John-the-Man has given Sprit and Friends an extra advantage at set-pieces as well as longer time in ball possession. The tici-taka football of Spirit and Friends thereafter runs opposition teams into the ground.
Finally, Sven Soederberg gave the boys regular motivational talks on an individual and a team level over the winter months. This so called psycho-social training also included ice-man breathing, cold group showers and freezing cold water swimming sessions in the Gera.
All in all the pre-season laid the ground work for the masterclass on game day one. But as always, football has heroes. And one hero rose above all others at Grubenstr. in the first match of the season. His name is Conrad Springer. Interestingly enough, Conrad’s off season had a special focus. Coach Meyer suggested that Conrad focus on drinking strong coffee, plenty of beer and that he shouldn’t forget to smoke many cigarettes each day. The aim here was to open up his lungs even more so that he could take in as much oxygen as possible in key moments of key games.
Another piece of Meyers’ expert thinking was sending Springer to capoeria sessions 2 times a week. This was particularly useful as proved when he opened the scoring by nipping in and kicking The Ball with an amazing roundhouse Capoiera move just as the opposing goalkeeper got his hands to The Ball. It was a majestic kick, even if there was some controversy involved in it.
Spirt and Friends played some fantastic flowing, combination football from then on,  and before too, but no matter what they did they couldn’t find the back of the net. Posts were hit. Splendid saves were made. Chances were wasted. There were no further goals in the first half and the 1-0 half time score line was disappointing and also nerve wracking. Both Joaquin (Erfurt’s Tevez) and Sven Sunderbürg gave the exact same team talk at half time, which was very useful in reinforcing the point that we needed to be sharp and ready to win the ball back when the opposition had a goal kick.
The inspirational Basti was full of energy and seemed to be having various chemical reactions and kept on popping up all over the field. His explosive changes of pace down the left flank were some of the most exciting moments of the game. Indeed Basti seemed to relish his non-responsibility in his new role as not-captain he was emotionally and physically at his best. The non-captaincy seemed ot have the desired performance enhancing Lance Armstrong effect. On the other flank, newcomer Elias slotted right into the team: a sensational summer signing from Mister Meyers. What for a schnappschen!
After several near misses to begin the 2nd half, Conrad spun on a dime in the box and placed The Ball in the corner of the goal for 2-0. Game over! Or so we thought. These crucial moments in matches directly after scoring a goal can make you vulnerable to concede one. And so it was, despite Rene’s calls for attentiveness. The Ball was lost up front (arrogant play) and nobody was ready at the back (pack of lazy muther pharkers!) for the quick (lightning) counterattack. Suddenly it was 2-1 and the game was up hanging in the balance.
When games are on the line, big time players step up. Our hero poked his head out again. Conrad Springer ladies and gentlemen! What a striker! What a man! Remember this name! There he was, in the right moment to settle the game. 3-1. A good old fashioned English hattrick. It says a lot about the man that in the post match reflection he fleetingly mentioned that he was slightly disappointed: “I wanted to score 4 goals today” he said. This is exactly the mentality that coach Meyers has instilled in this team. It will take Spirit and Friends to great things this season. We want it. We are hungry for it. We feel it. We need it.


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