WBS United — APOEL Keosia

WBS United — APOEL Keosia

0 - 3



In a highly anticipated match between WBS United and Apoel Kiosia, held at 1. FC Erfurt Nord, the WBS United team unfortunately suffered a defeat, losing 3-0. Despite the scoreline, the match showcased several positive aspects for WBS United, highlighting their development as a team.
First Half:
The match started with great enthusiasm from the WBS United team, as they showcased their determination and skill. The players were seen making precise passes, maintaining good ball control, and displaying a high level of teamwork. However, a defensive lapse led to an early goal from Apoel Kiosia, which slightly shook the confidence of the WBS United players.
Undeterred by conceding the goal, WBS United regrouped and rekindled their team spirit. They created numerous scoring opportunities, launching attacks on the opposition’s goal. The forwards and midfielders were constantly pressuring Apoel Kiosia’s defense, attempting shots on target and forcing the opposing goalkeeper to make crucial saves. Despite their best efforts, WBS United was unable to convert any of their chances into goals.
Second Half:
The second half witnessed a determined WBS United side, determined to equalize and turn the tide of the match. However, a combination of excellent defending from Apoel Kiosia and some unlucky misses by WBS United denied them the breakthrough they desperately sought.
As the match progressed, Apoel Kiosia capitalized on their counter-attacking opportunities, exploiting the spaces left open by WBS United’s aggressive push for goals. This resulted in two further goals being scored against WBS United, extending the lead for Apoel Kiosia to 3-0. Despite the scoreline, WBS United displayed resilience and continued to fight until the final whistle.
Despite the 3-0 loss to Apoel Kiosia, WBS United can take away positive aspects from the match. Their initial strong start, relentless attacking intent, and the realization of their developmental progress are all promising signs. Moving forward, the team should focus on improving coordination, converting chances into goals, and addressing the issue of soft injuries. With continued dedication and efforts, WBS United has the potential to achieve success in future matches.


Zum 7. Spiel der Sommersaison treffen die überraschenden Tabellenführer auf WBS.

Die Zeichen standen tabellarisch gut für die gelbe Gefahr. Kadergeschwächt ging WBS ins Spiel und so einigten sich beide Mannschaften schon vor Spielbeginn fair darauf in gleicher Spielerzahl weiterzumachen, falls Verletzungen die Mannschaften schwächen sollten.
Dieser Fall traf auch in der 2. Halbzeit ein.
So beendeten beide Mannschaften das Spiel zu 7.
Zwischenzeitlich schoss Apoel 3 Tore und gewann das Spiel souverän und verteidigte die Tabellenführung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Minh Dam Hai

Start Start 13 26 43 Ende

APOEL Keosia

Maximilian Tewes Allrounder
Minh Dam Hai Mittelfeld
Pascal Maiele Allrounder
Patrick Hofer Allrounder
Paul Strien Allrounder
David Stolzmann Allrounder
Philipp Schmuckat Allrounder 13'
Jonas Scholl Mittelfeld
Tim Baumgarten Abwehr
Jonas Hahn Mittelfeld
Nick Weihrauch Mittelfeld
Philipp Baumann Mittelfeld
Hanna Görgen Angriff
Jasper Robeck Mittelfeld
Tim-Noah Göhring Allrounder
Janne Lauterbach Mittelfeld
Mohammad Ali Monla Mohammad Abwehr
Xaver Schmidt Mittelfeld
Markus Thiele Allrounder 26'
Paul Herrmann Mittelfeld
Noah Le Abwehr
Louisa Wiegelmann Mittelfeld
Gelbe Karten
Gelb-Rote Karten
Rote Karten